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Symptom management skills – Three approaches for psychotherapy clients

“Psychotherapy clients virtually always experience discomfort and dysfunction because of their symptoms. This, of course, is usually what leads them to seek treatment. While waiting for this treatment to be completed, there are some simple procedures that clients can use to achieve significant temporary reduction of some of the most serious of these symptoms, including intrusive memories (flashbacks), dissociation (serious inattention to present surroundings or events, external or internal), and bad feelings of all sorts…”

(from Symptom management skills – Three approaches for psychotherapy clients)

Explaining your PTSD to your children

“Regardless of your situation, your children continue to need you as a source of physical and emotional safety and support. By focusing on their core needs you can significantly reduce the impact your PTSD will have on them, while you’re finishing your treatment.”

(from Explaining your PTSD to your children – Keeping your priorities straight, and meeting your children’s needs)

Finding a Good Therapist

“The key to finding a good therapist is YOU – what you know about yourself and what you do about it. While we cannot offer any “sure-fire” formula to solve this problem, there are some things you can do that will probably help significantly. One’s quality of life is the central concern, so it’s only sensible to proceed thoughtfully."

(from Finding a Good Therapist – A thoughtful approach to an important decision)

When making a good decision is genuinely important…

“All of us sometimes get into trouble with the decisions we make. Usually, the consequences of this are bearable, but sometimes our mistakes are truly costly. For those times when making a good decision is genuinely important we need a way be reasonably assured that we’re thinking correctly. Such a way exists…”

(from Problem solving: How to make better decisions)

To return to a mental state which simply feels better…

“Everyone has experienced disturbing periods in their life. We get hurt, or scared, or experience serious losses. The feelings these events produce in us are perfectly natural, but if the levels of feeling are too high, or go on too long, we can become incapacitated – dysfunctional. What can we do then – to return to a mental state which simply feels better? We quite naturally want to solve this problem, to live successfully, comfortably, happily.”

(from Re-grounding procedure)

About this website – resources you will find here

The principal purpose of this site is to provide resources supporting my professional activities in Counseling & Psychotherapy. It is designed for use by my clients (present, past, and future), the general interested public, and my peers in professional applied psychology.

The principal sections of the website are these:

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