About Field Team 6 - Who are they? What are they up to?

by Tom Cloyd (reviewed 2020-09-25: 0938 PDT)

Field Team 6 (FT6) is a small group of political activists who work with a single-minded objective: train people to register Democrat voters in carefully selected areas where there is a reasonable chance of accomplishing 3 objectives in the November 2020 US federal election: a) grow the House majority, b) flip the Senate, and c) take back the White House.1

Field Team 6

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Members of our Leadership Team have linked up with FT6, been trained by them, and are now training and organizing interested BOCT members to contact and register prospective Democratic voters. Our current focus is on North Carolina, a battleground state where chances of a Democratic surge are particularly good.

Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, and North Carolina get most of FT6’s attention. They are all states where these 3 objectives above are realistic. In addition, FT6 works in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida because of their importance in taking back the White House.1

Provide logistical support, in brief. FT6 provides training, leads, equipment, etc., for other groups, local and otherwise, who recruit and organize workers1

Contact with prospective voters is made by telephone or text, from your own home (“pants optional”!).2 People contacted are offered easy ways to register to vote. Many have been dropped from voter rolls because of moves or other, less legitimate reasons - AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. With registration deadlines fast approaching, it is urgent that these potential voters be reached.

Women, young people and people of color comprise 75% of the new voters registered by FT6 (as of early spring 2020).1

“Did you know that 60% of unregistered voters have never been asked to register?”2

“We don’t just register voters. We let them kow when to vote, who to support, and why it matters.”3

Message or email BOCT Leadership Team Coordinator Mark Dworkin.

Website: https://www.fieldteam6.org/

Address: Field Team 6, 10940 Wilshire Boulevard - Suite 2000, Los Angeles, CA 900244

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