VOTER INFORMATION - Are you registered? Ready to vote? Know how you're going to do it? (And where? and when?)

Many groups are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to vote in this critically important election. In a number of states voting is already possible. Here is where you can find out your current voting status, and everything else you need to become a successful voter.


IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR VOTING STATUS, CHECK IT NOW, SO YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT! Any of the following resource websites below can help you.


2020 US ELECTION Voting Information Center - Up-to-date info and official resources to help you prepare for the general election - this remarkable page will be customized for the state of your residence, and it has excellently helpful resources. In some cases, volunteer opportunities to help get out the vote are also given.

There’s LOT of useful information here. Read the whole page, carefully!

State-by-state, and regional (within-state) information - Prepare yourself to be impressed. These folks are SERIOUS, and ORGANIZED, and DETAILED. Whew…definitely impressive, and they’d love to have you show up at their next meeting (uh…assuming you’re a woman, of course).

SKIP the stuff at the top of the page and scroll directly to the listing of states. That’s what you need to look at.

How to Register and Vote in the 2020 General Election in Your State - “Many states are expanding absentee and early voting to offer safer options amid the coronavirus pandemic” - Easy-to-access information for EVERY state, regardless of your state of residence.


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