Trump voters voting against him in 2020 - the new swing voters

by Gary Hirsch - 1 min. read - (reviewed 2020-08-17: 1657 PDT)

A recent question raised by Reddit about 2016 Trump voters (and people who didn’t vote at all) planning to vote against him in 2020 yielded a flood of responses. The most representative quotes were summarized in an article on Buzzfeed.1

The regrets of 2016 Trump voters fall into several categories:

  • People thinking voting didn’t matter, who now understand the danger of a totally bad President being elected.
  • Those who didn’t think Trump was all that bad until his mishandling of Covid-19 and failing to take responsibility for it showed how truly incompetent he is.
  • Empathy for others and strong reactions to Trump’s lack of empathy for everyone except (maybe) his close friends.
  • His heavy-handed response to protests including the episode across from the White House.
  • Despite promises to “drain the swamp”, Trump created a worse swamp of his own.
  • People who couldn’t stand Hilary and voted for the “lesser of two evils”, but now see that as a mistake and like Biden better.
  • Understanding that government support for health care and other services can have a profound impact on people’s lives.

In addition to getting more people to vote, these are points to continually emphasize in our messaging.

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