Trump is doing everything to make a health care disaster even worse

by Gary Hirsch - 2 min. read - (reviewed 2020-07-25:1610 PDT)

Physician, nurse, and child in ICU

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

It’s widely acknowledged that Trump’s incompetence in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to suffer worse consequences from it than any other country. We have become a pariah nation and our citizens are banned from traveling to Europe while people from “less developed” countries are able to do so because their governments responded effectively. Trump and his Republican cronies still don’t want to deal with reality despite skyrocketing illness rates in many parts of the country.1

What’s even more amazing is how Trump and the Republicans have gone out of their way to make things even worse:

  • Withdrawing from the WHO, the only organization capable of coordinating the international response to a worldwide pandemic.
  • Continuing to support efforts to undermine Obamacare and take away insurance coverage from people when so many are getting sick and many have lost coverage when they lost their jobs.
  • Promoting fake “cures” that distract people from effective things they could be doing with the false hope that some unproven drug will solve the whole problem.
  • Insisting that schools reopen for in-person instruction even when everyone realizes the dangers of doing so. Threatening states and local school districts with loss of their Federal funds if they do not comply. (This from a party that has been a big advocate of “States Rights”.)
  • Failing to create a national system for assuring the availability of Covid-19 testing or PPE for healthcare workers, even after the first wave of the disease showed the obvious need. (Maybe the States Rights argument applies here—let the states figure it out on their own.)
  • Undermining the credibility of public health experts and the practical advice they offer for stemming the spread of Covid-19. Creating a “culture war” that makes his followers resistant to wearing masks or observing social distancing.
  • Failing to adequately respond to the financial distress being suffered by health care providers which is causing them to lay off staff, our health care heroes, in the middle of a health care crisis.
  • Obstructing the funding of a second round of financial relief for people out of work and businesses that have had to close. This will worsen the economic consequences of the pandemic and make people more desperate to reopen the economy and return to work, despite the potential for further waves of illness.

Trump’s actions are so irrational, you would think he is working for a foreign government that wants to reduce America’s standing in the world. I wonder…?

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