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by Tom Cloyd (reviewed 2020-07-30:1221 PDT)

Resources listed here are carefully curated. We consider them essential to understanding both the issues and people relevant to the November 2020 election.

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This is a work-in-progress and will be updated frequently. We begin with news sources, but will very soon address Joe Biden, Donald Trump, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party.

If you have a favorite resource links and it’s not here, please contact us. We’re interested in what you consider essential also!

The listing below is, by design, without annotation. Click the footnote associated with an item to learn more about the item.

Most newspapers in the US, and certainly those with the best reputations, have Internet paywalls, meaning that a non-subscriber is allowed a limited number of free-access articles a month before being denied further access. This is a major reason why we publish on this site crucially important summaries of news articles related to the November 2020 election, while at the same time encouraging readers to subscribe and to find ways to read all of an article.

BONUS: Here is an excellent analysis of what the American public considers “trustworthy”, and why figuring this out is not as easy as we’d like: Which news organization is the most trusted? The answer is complicated

Polling organizations vary as to reputation, reliability, and business model. We are still doing research for this section of this page, but here are two excellent general articles that will give you insight into the nature, variability, and reliability of polls and the factors that determine these qualities.

  • United States COVID-19 Coronavirus Case Tracker(Medpage Today) - Interactive tabulation and map, giving cases, deaths, recovered cases, by county and state. Also show “Global outbreak time-lapse” and “COVID-19 PROJECTIONS: Deaths, Hospital shortages. This is the well-known map produced by the Johns Hopkins School of Engineering.6
  • Robert Reich - - “UC Berkeley professor, former Secretary of Labor. Co-Founder, Inequality Media. Movies: Saving Capitalism, Inequality for All (Streaming on Netflix). Books: THE SYSTEM (out March 24), The Common Good, Saving Capitalism, etc.”
  1. The Pulitzer Prizes for various categories of journalism has been awarded to newspapers in the United States (the only country from which entrants are considered) since 1917.7 Pulitzer Prizes awarded is used in this listing as the measure of overall journalistic trustworthiness. ^

  2. The Associated Press has a lifetime award total of 52 Pulitzer Prizes for journalism as of 2018.8 ^

  3. The New York Times has a lifetime award total of 125 Pulitzer Prizes for journalism as of 2018.8 ^

  4. This is a news aggregator site, meaning that it uses an algorithm to popularity and value of news outlets on the web and then groups them by general topical category, displaying only those with the very highest ranking. Each of these categories may be expanded into longer listings on a separate page. The page is very frequently updated, continuously. ^

  5. The “WaPo” has a lifetime award total of 65 Pulitzer Prizes for journalism as of 2018.8 ^

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