Scientific American endorses Joe Biden - Its first ever Presidential candidate endorsement

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History in the making - 2020-09-15: Scientific American magazine publishes on its website an endorsement of Joe Biden for President of the United States.1 This endorsement will appear in its October 2020 issue.

Scientific American endorses Joe Biden

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Science matters - a lot. Nothing else in human history remotely compares to its life-saving, life-improving effect. If you don’t already know this you need to do some homework. Begin with a review of the history of infectious disease for the past 170 years or so - from 1850 to the present. Then look at the history of manufacturing, and at the work of running a household. In all of these areas and many more, science has dramatically and drastically altered the course of human history and our quality of life.

It was five years before 1850, in 1845, that Scientific American began publication, during the golden age of amateur science. It is now “the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States”, reaching more than 10 million people every month.2

This year, more than ever before in the history of our country, “science is on the ballot”.

Why this endorsement is happening: “Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science”

“SciAm” gives us the following supporting arguments in their editorial statement:3

1. The COVID-19 pandemic

Trump’s response has been a disastrous denial of reality

As the pandemic disaster grew in the US, and ignoring its scale became impossible, Trump declared that he had no responsibility for the problem whatsoever, and blamed the prior occupant of the White House - who held office 3 years prior to the onset of the pandemic.

In the early months of 2020 he was warned by experts multiple times, but refused to institute a national program of testing and contact tracing. Implemented in other countries, these measures produced real and obvious results: lower rates of infection and death than in the US, and economies that reopened sooner and with better results.

Trump made false claims about testing availability and results, misleading the public about what was actually happening, The costly effects of this dishonesty has been disproportionately visited upon the poor and minority communities in the US.

He refused to support wearing of masks, displayed public disobedience of recommendations of public health authorities, and urged the public and Republican governors to follow his example. Some did. Cyclical waves of infection have been one of the consequences. Compliance with the recommendations has been reliably estimated to save 66,000 lives by the beginning of December.

Biden proposes an aggressive, evidence-based attack on the COVID-19 pandemic

He sees a clear link between defeating the pandemic and restoring health to our economy. He will dramatically increase testing resources, and institute a public health job corps to help fill needed support positions in contact tracing, testing, and clinical positions. He will act to strengthen workplace safety rules, and to support school systems in reopening safely, while continuing to support distance learning where it is needed.

He proposes to dramatically increase support for child care, as a means of supporting families highly stressed both by the pandemic and the depressed economy.

2. Environmental protection

Existing rules protecting the public’s health have been eliminated or are under attack by the Trump administration

Environmental Protection Agency rules have been degraded or removed, and rises in chronic environmentally-related diseases are now expected as a result. Federal scientific advisory boards have been restructured by the removal of scientists and the inclusion of industry spokespersons. Across the board, in multiple ways, the reality of the climate change threat has been minimized, and governmental response to it degraded.

Biden plans to reduce carbon emissions and restore environmental protections

A very major support initiative is planned for carbon-free power sources development, as well as support for the research needed to make these sources feasible and cost-effective. Historically disadvantaged communities will be a special focus for the development of these benefits.

3. Research and public health institutions in the US

Relentless attack on these vital institutions have been the rule with Trump

Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act have been continuous; promised alternatives have in no way been offered. While prevented by Congress, Trump has repeatedly proposed major funding cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the National Institute of Health (NIH) - all major resources for increases in scientific knowledge and clinical application, upon which the US and the world depend.

In the face of multiple authoritative warnings, and the harsh reality of an ongoing pandemic, Trump has destroyed planning teams and their reports, cut funding for efforts to plan for future pandemic challenges, and in so doing endangered the health of us all.

Biden plans to improve health care and restore legitimate science’s role in guiding policy and developing needed new knowledge

The Affordable Health Care act will be supported and strengthened under the Biden administration. Scientific advisory boards will be reconstituted with individuals of known scientific repute. Research institutions long noted for their excellence and importance in our nation and the world will be actively supported and made use of for the public good.

Conclusion: For the sake of our country’s future we must elect Joe Biden

His thinking is based on reality, and addresses health care, the economy, and the environment with competence and expert guidance. As a package, his proposals put us on track to achieve “a safer, more prosperous and more equitable future.” Four more years of Trump would be a national disaster. 3

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