Biden is seriously eroding white support for Trump

PUBLICATION DATE / HEADLINE: 2020-07-24 “White Flight From Trump? What a Decisive Biden Win Could Look Like”

SYNOPSIS: Biden’s lead over Trump in the polls has lasted almost two months. He is clearly eroding Republican advantages in states where Democrats normally have little chance in federal elections. As the pandemic worsens, this Biden lead is beginning to look like a serious matter.

Since April, Trump has been losing white voters, and since June he has held an average lead of only 3 points in this demographic. Trump’s white voter losses are being seen in all demographic categories, while at the same time he is making virtually no gains in non-white voter categories.

“…If the president does not claw his way back into a tighter race, Mr. Trump and his party face a harsh political environment without many of the advantages that have insulated the party from public opinion in the past.” It is now possible to envision losses in the Senate that have not been possible to this point.

This becomes all the more serious for Republicans when we consider that they have few chances to flip Senate seats in the 2022 midterm elections.

Compared to the 2018 elections, Trump’s approval rating is down 6 points on average. Gains for Democrats seen in 2016 well could be increased in 2020.

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