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Welcome to all who wish to bring our country together!

As a recently organized group, we aim to overwhelmingly defeat Trump at the ballot box this November 2020 while we work for social, political, economic and racial justice over the long term.

Although Lincoln presciently said, “ A house divided against itself cannot long stand,” Donald Trump has created such divisions.

Through the use of fear, he has engendered a divisiveness among Americans that has led to the false dichotomy of US and THEM.

Trump’s fear-mongering causes some to recall FDR’s words that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” for it is those fears that have torn our country apart.

The murder by police of George Floyd has galvanized millions – here in America and across the globe – to join the anti-racism movement.

We have been immersed in a perfect storm: pandemic, collapsing economy, and protests over on-going bigotry and racism, All of which the President continues to ignore and inflame.

Bringing Our Country Together understands these struggles as intertwined and is proud to be a part of the resistance. Removing Trump decisively in November, as well as his administration and political supporters, will be a major a blow against white nationalism and for equity and justice. We are in this together.

We must remember Obama’s incisive words “…we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States of America.” BOCT: Mission and strategy 4-5 minutes

by Gary Hirsch (reviewed 2020-07-19:0212 PDT)

Many grass roots groups are working to defeat Donald Trump and bring our divided country together. Our group’s focus: to build our membership, to concentrate on 2 specific voter groups, and to persuade them to vote for Biden.

Prominent among those groups most harmed by Trump’s policies are young people between 18 and 29 years of age. They traditionally have not voted in large numbers. Republican policies have kept them in low wage jobs and burdened with debt. In addition, the economic recession resulting from Trump’s incompetent handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened their prospects. LET’S GET THEM TO THE POLLS.

We will focus also on those voters who might have voted for him in 2016, are increasingly disillusioned, and can be persuaded to vote for Biden in 2020. Seniors are a good example.
    Many favored Trump in 2016, but Trump’s failed Covid-19 response endangers them.
    Repeated Republican threats to cut Medicare and Social Security represent additional perils. Seniors are reliable voters; we must convince them that Trump and his Republicans are literally a threat to their lives!

Furthermore, we will concentrate our energy on swing states whose electoral votes can determine the election’s outcome. To the extent possible, we also want to support Senate candidates in key races because while defeating Trump is critical, it’s imperative that we seize the Democratic majority in the Senate or four more years of complete stalemate will follow.

Our strategy has three essential elements:

Build our membership of like-minded people who abhor the impact Trump’s policies have had on this country and create a positive outlet for action. Many, though upset with Trump, are unsure where to invest their energy. Using personal contacts and social media, we will build a large network of people looking to save our country from the disaster that is Trump and his Republican enablers.

Identify other grassroots organizations already working with specific demographic groups, such as the 18-29 year-olds and seniors, especially in swing states, and become ALLIES with them. Our membership will have its greatest leverage when we work with advocacy groups that already have momentum in areas where we want to have an impact. We will support those groups and amplify their efforts.

We will also directly contact potential voters in focal demographic groups. Using personal networks and social media with targeted messages, we will highlight the harm that Trump and Republican policies have caused them and persuade them to vote for Biden as a sane alternative.

Trump and his divisive methods are the worst danger our country has faced since the Civil War. It’s critical to act now. Focused efforts like ours can make a crucial difference. Join us!r you invite your friends, acquaintances, and family to join us, pledge to VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd, 2020, and work for justice as we are bringing our country together!

~ Bringing Our Country Together Leadership Team


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