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There’s so much to keep up with these days. Too little time - limited access to a computer - blocked by paywalls - we know these problems, too. This is our attempt to make things easier for you, focusing especially on material behind paywalls or in obscure locations.

Current areas of coverage:

Rarely has there been a time when current events have been more vital to us all. Internet access makes “keeping up” easier, but makes us contend with information overload and paywalls. So, those of us who are voracious news-consumers will try to present you here with the most important of current events, relative to our nation’s politics and the coming election.

And YES, you can help us do this! Here’s how.

When you read a news story that seems vital to our interest in the November election, use the template at the bottom of this page to write a brief summary of the story. Then email it to Tom Cloyd.

Please use this subject line:  News item for website

Then, and this is important, text Tom at 435-272-3332 with this message:  Check email for news item

I get hundreds of emails a day, and that text message will insure that I won’t miss your contribution.

Your writeup will be quickly reviewed (it IS news, after all!), then uploaded to the website, after which I will text you back to notify you that it’s online.

Template for news item summary for the BOCT website

Cut and paste this form into your email to me, replacing the lines with parentheses with the information asked for.


(We prefer the ISO1-recommended date format for the Internet: year-month-date. Example: 2020-07-23.)


(Exactly as it appears in the original source.)


(Summarize tersely the main assertion(s) made in the story, followed by summaries of any important secondary points made.)

AUTHOR DETAIL (optional):

(If the news story has an author with unusual or authoritative status or background, briefly summarize that.)


(One or two nice quotes from the article will add interest to your summary. Quote them exactly as they are written.)



(Cut and past the URL - the web address - that’s in your browser’s address box. Don’t worry if it’s long and messy. We know how to clean it up!)


(We’d like to give you credit, but this is not necessary. Leave this part blank and we’ll credit the summary to “Anonymous”. Feel free to include your email address, or Facebook page URL if you like.)


  1. “International Organization for Standardization” - the international standards-setting organization is composed of representatives from various national standards organizations, and works to achieve world-wide standards for important worldwide proprietary, industrial, and commercial terms and measures. ^


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