About BOCT - Bringing our country together for all Americans

We are a small group with several hundred active participants. There are many other such groups across our country, and more are forming weekly. While in a very real sense it doesn’t matter which group you partcipate in, we hope you will want to join OUR effort - Bringing Our Country Together. Learn more about BOCT here and we think you will stick around!

  • Welcome! - A passionate statement of purpose and a rationale for our effort, plus a request. (NOT about money!)
  • Mission & strategy - We have a plan. Read about it.
  • Who we are - The people behind BOCT.
  • Join us! How to participate in BOCT - A idea-fest, growing practically daily, about how you can get off the sidelines in this election cycle.
  • Contact us - Yes, we do want to hear from you!
  • Sitemap - If it’s a part of this site, it’s on this page.

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