Republican National Convention - A summation and review


by A. Nonymous - 2 min. read - (reviewed 2020-09-02: 0033 PDT)

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Editorial note: The following blog post comes from an anonymous guest blogger. We publish this because of the value of the succinct summary it gives us.

The Republican National Convention is finally over. What a travesty of the American presidency was on display!

It’s hard to know where to begin. So in no particular order:

  • The Republicans have no published platform1 - the first time in American history for that. Trump and others blamed Biden for no policy discussion during their convention. They claimed it was uplifting but nothing else. But they refuse to log onto Joe’s website where policy is enumerated in specific detail.2 That doesn’t exist at all on Trump’s website! Trump’s platform is simply a continuation of the past four years. If that’s not scary, I don’t know what scary is!

  • COVID-19, was all but totally ignored. No reference to 1,000 Americans dying from the virus EVERY DAY. No mention of Trump forcing CDC to discourage non-symptomatic people from getting tested despite evidence that they are the primary source of proliferating the virus!3 And there was a total disregard for CDC guidelines for social distancing and use of masks, as over 1,000 people were crowded on the White House lawn last night. Mixing a political event with a campaign at the White House is yet another indication of a total disregard for American tradition!4

  • Since “sleepy Joe” and “weak senile Joe” didn’t catch on, now the Republican narrative is that Joe is a Trojan horse for left wing zealots who will take over the White House and the country immediately upon election. Massive personal income taxes and invasion of our suburbs will surely follow. They mock the radical protesters and rioters that damage homes and businesses as the fault of the radical left in the country. But guess what Mr. President, this is happening under your watch, you are in charge. Didn’t you promise this wouldn’t happen in 2016 if you were elected? And doesn’t the fault rest clearly with you for your divisive rhetoric by inciting divisions among the American people?5 Your deep-rooted bigotry and bias concerning all minorities, especially blacks,6 has fueled the fire. What is happening to blacks, perpetrated by a few members of an out-of-control police, in some American cities, is disgraceful. Yes, we all support our police, but the bad, bigoted apples must be weeded out! And Joe Biden is NOT in favor of defunding the police.7 Your silence on putting the blame in the right place rests with you!

  • There was also no mention of the oft-promised new Republican healthcare policy, nor of your attempts to dissolve Obamacare, which would strip healthcare from 23 million Americans.8

Mr. 20,000 lies9 continued his profound dishonesty as he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination on the last night of the convention, lying more than 20 times.10

We are in the midst of a tragedy taking place in this country and it threatens the existence of our country as we have known it. This surely is our most important presidential election ever.

Our task is simple: Stay focused and support the Biden/Harris ticket.

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